Schedule of Events: -------------------------------------------------------

18th feb. 2009 Screening:

Art and Play - Machinima as a new art form

at Goethe Institute - starting 18:30

What is Machinima? (machine + animation + cinema)

Machinima is a real world film making technique applied with in the interactive virtual world of 3D games. Basically, games are modified and altered so that scenery and characters ('characters' are not human they are objects or avatars) can be controlled either by human intervention or scripts - allowing the artists to 'shoot' movies with the virtual environment.


19th feb. 2009 - Screening:

Machinima Filmfest 2009 Selection

at Goethe Institute - starting 18:30

The 6th installment of the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences' official Machinima Filmfest held bi-annually in New York City, sorted through over 200 submissions from more than 20 countries to award the best Machinima films produced in the recent years. This selections shows some of the Winners and Nominees of the 2008 "Mackie" Awards. For a full list of links of all nominated and award-winning films, please go to the official festival website.


20th feb. - 22nd feb. 2009 - Workshop:

Guerrilla Animation Workshop

at WSOA Digital Arts Division - New Lab - from 11:00 - 16:00 daily

Blending Video Games and Milk into Narrative

Participants learn how to look at computer games as sandboxes for creative play and storytelling. After some initial experiments with Machinima, the workshop will show new ways of using simple tools like a webcam and a bowl of milk to create your own characters and environments, and how soy sauce can be used to move a digital puppet.


21st feb. 2009 - Event:

3D Scanning with a Bathing Suit

at Goethe Institute - starting 14:30

Live 3D Scanning Event - Make yourself 3D

Participants can digitally scan their whole body using a small inflatable pool, a webcam and colored water. The overall procedure, the setup and the open-source software both for scanning and visualising will be explained and people can take their scans home to watch them on their computer, or even build their own scanning apparatus to a scale of their liking.